Thursday, May 11, 2017

Field Blog #5

Shaker Heights High School
Angela Harrell-Math

Today is project day. Working on collecting data, analyzing, and graphing the data. Students are working in groups compiling data explaining their analysis of the data. This project is a very useful and important skill to learn being that the student will definitely have to do this many more times in furthering their education. I appreciate this project because it is practical and very useful. What I have  noticed with Ms.Harrell is that she does not just teach the lesson but make the lesson practical that can be used in the future and that the students learn it and it stays with them. When I was a younger student it annoyed me to be given concepts with no context. The classic thought of "Learning things that I will never use." Ms. Harrell teaches in a manner that shows them that they will be using what she teaches and show the practicality. This kind of teaching enables the student to be engaged in class and be encouraged about learning. I definitely appreciate Ms.Harrell and her classroom presence. I will definitely incorporate this into my development in becoming a teacher. Ms. Harrell truly loves her student and her student truly love her. This is my final day of observation.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Course Blog #7

When planning for my students my main idea is how can I get the most out of my student and how am I going to accomplish this. What I have learned up to this point the teachers that have the biggest success, by success I mean getting the most out from their student and making an impact on their students. For example, say their is an student that really does not like school at all. The motivation to do well isn't there and their body is in class but their mind is not in class. Now you may not be able to make the student excited about school but you change their perception and have them understand that school is an investment in self. That comes from building a real relationship with the student that is encouraging and motivation by showing that you are vested in them and their success. From my observation up to this point, every teacher that I have observed has a different relationship with each of their students. The common thread from these relationships is that the teach genuinely cares about the students and the students can fell that and respond positive to it. This had me think back to when I was in grade school and the teachers that made fell that way. Those are the ones you never forget.

Blog Post #6

This week we read a piece from "Education from Liberation" by Paulo Freire. The piece was based around what Paulo called the "Deposit banking education." This idea is based around how teachers do a disservice to their students by just giving out information and wanting their students to just recite it back. Another idea from this piece, is how a teacher can oppress students in the classroom. There were many other ideas around these ideas in the piece but for me a couple of things really stood out.
The oppression fact in the classroom can be real if a teacher is not careful. This is pointed out by segregating the students by how well they are doing in class or showing more attention to the student that the teacher may more relate to by others. This type behavior can have the student create negative self image about themselves or it may feed into some insecurities  that the student may already have.
The "Deposit banking education" is doesn't help the student because the student is not leaning anything at all. The information being taught definitely has to be applied so it can be understood by the student. When this happens the students can explain what the teacher is looking for in their own words.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Field Blog #3

Shaker Heights High School
Angela Harrell Math

Class starts with a warm up of review material. Preparing the class for the up coming quiz. The review is not just giving the answers but how the students came to the answers. The review for today Standard Deviation, Mean, Outliers. Today's lesson, margin of error. Very interactive with the class. Allows them to work through the problems and then reviews the answers with the class interacting. This class is an Algebra II course consisting of sophomores and juniors. The teacher Angela Harrell has a great re pore with her students and they enjoy her as well.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Blog Post 5


When it comes to the grades K-8 you are learning who and what you are. I don't agree with a child,  yes a child stating what their sexual orientation or what gender that they relate to at an early age. As a teacher I wild have to put my personal feeling to the side and go with what the parent wants for their child. I don't agree that any child in that age range should be allowed to use any bathroom that they relate to. That just confuses the other children and would more than likely lead to possible conversations that young minds at that time cannot comprehend.

This was a topic that was never addressed when I was in school. I went to different high schools and this was never an issue with the students. There wasn't any transgender, there was just gay and lesbian. The high school I graduated from was black and in the black community homosexuality is not something that is openly talked about. In school you would hear people question other students possible sexual orientation but never heard or found out any true conformations. For myself your sexual business is just that your sexual business, not mine. It is something that is frowned upon, specially for gay black men. In the black community, and this is what I have surmised from talking to number of black people and getting their opinion, that this stems from white society trying to emasculate the black man and keep him from being a pillar in his home and community. Since there aren't many men in the predominately black communities, since most wind up dead or in jail the boys grow up and emulating what they see on regular basis and that's women.

This topic is important and needs to be handled with the proper understanding and responsibility because it is a sensitive subject for all people. There are many factors that play into a person's particular opinion and beliefs. As a teacher you are not to judge but guide and help.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Field Post 2 Shaker Heights Middle School


This week we discussed building bridges, a topic from William Ayers book "To Teach".  This is a metaphor on how to connect with your students and how to help your students connect with each other. This is very important to the impact we have as teachers in help molding young people's character and to be sensitive to the differences in one another. In the classroom students get a first hand experience in interacting with other people their age who have different racial, social , and financial backgrounds.

This was evident on my visit to Shaker Middle School. The school has used the diversity in its students to its advantage. They have created a school that is welcoming and gives the appearance that the school belongs to the students. Much of the artwork and words of encouragement that are painted on the walls is done by the students.

In the classroom the teachers have done and excellent job connecting with their students. The students have embraced each others differences and work together with out bias. This is valuable in challenging student to think and use information given to come to their own answer either right or wrong. If the student gets it wrong they are not shunned for getting it wrong but are worked with to see where they may have gone wrong in their conclusion. The teachers at the middle school have done a great job building a passion for learning in the student.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Blog Post 4

Dear Senator,

This letter is in regards to the condition of the public school system. Some research has been done and I have found out that they way monies are distributed have been deemed unconstitutional. There have been five, yes five separate hearings with the Ohio Supreme Court. All five ruled that the way money is distributed is unconstitutional. There are too many school districts that are barely holding on. For example the city of Cleveland public school system is struggling mightily. The have the largest school district in the area and yet is one of the most underfunded. Please explain how this can be. I suggest you take a tour of the schools, and if you have you need to take another one on your own with your staff. We have to do a better job of taking care of our children. How can we prepare them for the future with outdated books, poor conditions of the schools, and no extracurricular activities. Please lets clean this up.